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July & August Spotlight: Immune-Support

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

As summer comes to a close, that means the end of long, relaxing days in the sun and a return to the everyday life. With fall around the corner and an inevitable winter, it seems like the end of summer is the best time to start supporting our immune system to take on classrooms full of sniffling noses and flu season.

At the SCNM Medicinary, we carry immune-supportive products for everyone, so whether you're a capsule, liquid, or spray person, we've got just what you're looking for.

Mountain Peak Nutritionals Acute Immune Formula (Capsule)

Mountain Peak's Acute Immune formula contains ingredients that work synergisticly to support healthy respiration and the immune system at the cellular level to maintain optimal health. With ingredients like echinacea purpurea, oregano, and a blend of six organic mushrooms, Acute Immune Formula is immune support encapsulated.

Image is a picture of Designs for Health Immunoberry Liquid bottle with dropper. Bottle was photgraphed on a wooden log in front of green grass and a citrus tree.

Designs for Health Immunoberry Liquid

Immunoberry Liquid provides great immune support with a great taste to match! Citing research that suggests that certain herbs, mushrooms, and other natural compounds have the ability to support normal immune functions, Designs for Health incorporates ingredients such as elderberry, shiitake, and wild cherry bark into their Immunoberry Liquid. Best of all, it's sweetened with glycerine, so it's great for both children and adults.

Host Defense MycoShield Immune Support (Spray)

The MycoShield Immune Support spray from Host Defense boasts a "shield" of immune support by combining five powerful polypore mushroom species: Agarikon, Red Reishi, Chaga, Birch Polypore and Turkey Tail. Flavored with certified organic peppermint oil, MycoShield offers a refreshing taste with maximum portability.

All items featured are available at the SCNM Medicinary. SCNM Medicinary employees are unable to make dosage recommendations or product recommendations by condition or concern. For all dosage recommendations or product recommendations to address conditions or concerns, please consult with your Naturopathic physician.

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