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August Physician Spotlight: Dr. Elizabeth Rice

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

This month we have Dr. Elizabeth Rice in the spotlight from the SCNM Medical Center. We spoke to Dr. Rice about how her pathway to medicine and even got a few health tips!

About Dr. Elizabeth Rice

"I was born and raised in Arizona, we Arizona natives are a rare breed. I’ve been in practice for 12 years and have experienced everything from working within a large group practice, owning my own private clinic, and now as an assistant (almost associate!) professor at SCNM. I completed two residencies – my first year was a general naturopathic medicine residency and my second year was a specialty residency in homeopathy with the incredible Dr. Stephen Messer. I love being a health detective! Every patient is a mystery waiting to unfold and the most amazing experience is to witness this transformation using naturopathic medicine. This is healing, true healing of the body and mind. Your body already possesses the innate ability to heal and it is speaking to you by way of your symptoms. If we become still and listen, we will know what our body needs to become well again. Together, we will figure this out. For most of us, all our body needs is a gentle stimulus and a bit of support for weakened organ systems to feel great again. In addition to loving my profession, I love being with family and friends, spending time outdoors, practicing yoga, TAM, and meditation, cooking with my husband (he’s by far the better chef in our house!), reading, drinking tea, and playing with my beautiful daughter."

What are Dr. Rice's preferred conditions to treat?

"Anything mental health related: anxiety, depression, mood disorders in children and adolescents, young adult LGBTQ+, as well as good old general family medicine. I use homeopathy which is a powerful medicine for the whole body, the mind, and emotions included - I couldn’t fathom practicing medicine without it."

Why did you choose naturopathic medicine? "I was teaching and practicing yoga (a lot!) and received encouragement from my mother to investigate medical schools. I could not imagine raising my hand in a conventional medical school to state I know a yoga pose to help that condition and it was one of my yoga students that introduced me to naturopathy and SCNM and it was love at first sight. I was simply lucky to have homeopathy fall in my lap during my clinical rotations and again, fell in love immediately. It’s funny to look back and realize my mother’s magic cure for our colds and flus was actually homeopathy! Oscillococcinum, to be exact – which I now know how to pronounce."

What an item from the Medicinary that you can't live without?

"Chewable Vitamin C. One of our most powerful antioxidants, immune support, collagen-maker, wound healer that’s safe and enjoyable to eat! The whole family gets one or two chewable Vitamin C per day and all our friends, family, and guests get offered one by my adorable 3 year-old and we have yet to have someone refuse this yummy, nutritious treat!

Also, any of the Hyland’s combination products make using homeopathy easy! My husband loves Restful Legs for when his restless legs creep up. Calms Forte is excellent for when my mind is racing with the business from my day and interfering with my sleep. And, because the safety profile with homeopathy, I always reach for Hyland’s products when my little one is out of balance from teething to cough and cold their products are amazing, effective and safe."

What does being in good health mean to you?

"It means the ability to do anything I want to do with joy, energy, strength, creativity and vitality."

What's one health tip or habit you'd recommend?

"I think fasting is a simple, easy and highly effective technique that can help the body in a myriad of ways. A simple 12 hours overnight is a great, safe, and easy way to start with fasting. It can become quite a bit more complicated and intricate after this but I enjoy teaching people about fasting and intermittent fasting and watching my patients health improve with this simply lifestyle hack."

Make an appointment at the SCNM Medical Center to visit Dr. Elizabeth Rice today!

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